Jamie Lee sounds

showreel no.1 (013123)

Vehicle Engine with PhasePlant (011524)

Forest Ambience with PhasePlant (120423)

Jamie Lee Sounds

Hi my name is Jamie (she/they) and I make sounds for video games at A Shell in the Pit (http://ashellinthepit.com/)Outside of sound design, I love rock climbing, needle felting, making/drinking coffee, and having a thousand other hobbies.
Oh, and I've been a professional drummer for a decade too!
Feel free to contact me via email (jamie@ashellinthepit.com) if you have any inquiries, questions, or just wanna send a friendly hello!

Jamie Lee Sounds

Here are some games I've worked on so far:

Pacific Drive - Ironwood Studio

Five Nights at Freddy's - Help Wanted 2

....and more that I can't tell you now 🤭

Jamie Lee Sounds

If you're interested in working with me, please reach out to:jamie@ashellinthepit.com